F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Repair Tape Questions

YES! This product is waterproof and will work on waterslides. There is no downtime, you can use the waterslide 5 minutes after repair.

YES! This product will work on all vinyl surfaces including vinyl inflatables (moonwalks, bounce houses, jump castles, etc.), inflatable boats, inflatable rafts, inflatable dinghies, all vinyl banners, and more. Still not sure? Just ask us.

There is NO wait time! If you are repairing inflatable jump castles or boats, the equipment can be used instantly after applying the patch. Just make sure no one picks at the corners of the patch as it does take full 24 hrs for the adhesive material to fully seep into the microscopic pores in the vinyl surface.

The unique composition of this product allows it to stretch and recover, absorbing the force that causes ordinary patches to lift off and fail. Additionally, this patch will not come loose or turn gummy over time.

It is very important to clean the repair area in order for the adhesive to form a proper and extremely strong bond. You should use the included alcohol cleaning pads or a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Do not use Windex as it leaves a thin layer of residue.

Shipping Questions

All orders are processed and ship within 24 hours, excluding holidays.

We ship via United States Postal Service.

USPS First Class delivery takes 3-5 days. Priority up to 3 days. Express 1 day. Please allow 1 day for processing.

YES, we ship worldwide! Please contact us if you are purchasing a larger quantity or have any questions or requests.