Pays for Itself with the 1st Repair

No Down Time! 5 Minute Repairs

No Messy Tubes of Glue To Deal With!

Vinyl Repair Tape

Here is Why you'll love this tape:

Holds air under pressure when stretched.
See-thru patch works with all colors.
Conforms to irregular surfaces.
Easily cuts with scissors.
Will not turn gummy in heat.
UV resistance inhibits discoloring.
Will not pull off when stretched.
It’s waterproof!

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Why a Vinyl Repair Tape?

If you ever used a vinyl repair kit you know how messy and frustrating it is to apply the glue, apply the patch, and then wait for hours for the glue to set. Those days are over!

With our vinyl repair tape you can instantly repair all vinyl surfaces including moonwalks, bounce houses, inflatable boats, and vinyl banners. You can cut the tape to any size and overlap the pieces for a larger repair. Think of it as an instant repair patch!

This repair tape is made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion resistant material that resists puncture and tearing. It is combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated for a high strength bond to vinyl surfaces.

This is not your everyday repair patch you buy in a hardware store or Wal-mart. This repair patch is specifically designed for vinyl surfaces and remains extremely strong yet flexible to withstand air pressure from inside the inflatable.

Best of all? No need for messy glue or tubes of cement mixtures! Simply clean the repair area, apply the tape and the repair is complete!

Example Applications

Bounce House Entrance Repair
Heavy Traffic Area Repairs
Jump Castle Corner Repairs
Jump Castle Corner Repairs
Vinyl Slide Entrance Repairs
Vinyl Slide Entrance Repairs
Vinyl Repair With Stitching
Vinyl Repair With Stitching